About Delaware Care Plan

Since 1999, Delaware Care Plan has provided parents, families and guardians with a support system to ensure the financial well-being and quality of life for their children with disabilities. Established as a result of The Delaware Care Plan Trust Act, the 501(c)(3) agency makes it possible for families to provide future support for their family members with special needs without making them ineligible for government benefits.

Thanks to advances in diagnosis and medical care, the lifespan of children with disabilities has increased significantly, making it more likely than in previous generations that these children will grow into adulthood and outlive their parents. When a parent faces the harsh reality of their loved one's life without them in it, they tell us our program provides that priceless peace of mind:

"It is truly wonderful to have another set of eyes and ears from such caring people who can give guidance and who have my brother's best interest at heart."

"I can assure you that we are most grateful and believe that we have fulfilled our parents' wishes, as well as our own desire, to be good stewards of the monetary resources which they worked so hard for to ensure an independent future for our brother."